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Battery Monitor

Two rows of led lights indicate the charge of the main and deep cycle battery. The battery monitor circuit translate the battery voltage levels into three possible colours namely red, amber and green.

Using a microcontroller ensure that the current drain from the batteries is kept to less than 5 milliampere.

The microcontroller also makes it possible to have a small but robust unit that can monitor both the main and deep cycle battery at the same time. The width of the unit is 34 millimetres while the height is 49 millimetres. It is much easier to fit a small monitor than a large monitor on the instrument console of any vehicle. Furthermore, all units are waterproof and fitted with 4 meters long connection wires.

The led lights will show green if the battery voltage is bigger than 12.6 volt, amber if the voltage is between 12.0 and 12.3 volt and red if the voltage is 11.8 volt and below.

Useful tips:

To avoid extended recharge time of the deep cycle battery, apply the following procedures:

  • Monitor the led lights regularly and follow the color guide
  • Unplug fridge/accessories when vehicle is not in use for a few days
  • When the amber/red light shows, start using vehicle regularly
  • Charge deep cycle battery with a suitable battery charger

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